PHYS 170L General Physics I Laboratory
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To paraphrase the syllabus, you perform an experiment according to the experiment guide, and then complete a lab report or presentation together with your group according to the associated report guide.  One student then uploads a single report for your entire group in PDF (or PPT) format, limited to 1MB, to the Laulima Dropbox folder before the deadline.  No emailed reports or late submissions accepted.  Your grades will be posted on the Laulima Gradebook.

LaTeX template for lab reports:
For the reports at the beginning of the semester, you can use the software of your choice to write your reports. I suggest a shared Google Doc amongst your group mates. For certain assignments, I will require the use of LaTeX for your collaborative online report writing. This will be a very useful skill, especially in the sciences. Here's the website:
Make sure to share your Overleaf project with me.  
Just email the "read & edit" link as soon as you set it up.
I made up a basic template to get you started:
Get started early, so you can get help as needed.

Poster presentation template:  
Toward the end of he semester, you'll create a custom experiment, and present
it as a poster at a campus-wide research fair.  Use the following poster template.
Poster template 36x24
Go to "File"... "Make a Copy"... and save a copy of this template in a folder of
your choice in your own Google Drive. You can't just use my template directly
because you won't have the right permissions.  Otherwise, everyone in the world
would be overwriting each others' work.  Know what I mean?  Once you have
your own copy of this poster template, please SHARE access with me.  Thanks!

Schedule for Spring 2019: (click on the schedule for a PDF version)

Lab Guidelines:
Pi Experiment Guide: I'll explain everything in class
Force Table Experiment Guide
Force Table Report Guide 
Motion Experiment Guide
Motion Report Guide 
Atwood Experiment Guide
Atwood Report Guide 
Projectile Experiment Guide 
No need for report guides from here on (you know how it works now)
Pendulum Experiment Guide